Thursday, March 20, 2014

Good Friday 2014

The Way of the Cross
The way of the cross is also the way to life; this, a Christian should never forget.

Prelude                                                            Jim Barton & David Zeng, organ & trumpet

Greeting                                                          Terry Webster

Call to Worship                                              Peggy Horner

 Leader: Come, in the dusk of this evening, as the light fails around us.
               Come and remember a day, when the light failed all together,
              A day when the sun refused to shine and the thunder rolled
              as creation protested the triumph of hate over love, of death over life, 
            or so we thought.
People: We remember that moment, when all seemed lost,
               when the darkness was so deep we thought light would never shine again.
Leader: And as we remember, let us worship God,
              for hate did not have the last word, the pain of that day of death
              became the birthpangs of a new life for us all,
People: We who have walked in that darkness, 
            now see the light of a love so bright and strong, that we will never be the same.
Leader: So we remember that dark day, and we worship God.
People: The candles that we light tonight are our prayers rising, new hope in the night.

Scripture: Isaiah 52:13-15                                 Jennifer HallInvocation                                                          Jennifer Hall
Opening Hymn: "O Sacred Head Now Wounded"            Jim Barton, organist
Walking Along the Way
Each station will be accompanied by a visual image which draws a connection 
between the text of the station and a modern experience.

1. Pilate Condemns Jesus to Die            (Matthew 27:1-2, 11-26)                        HUMC

2. Soldiers Mock Jesus(Matthew 27:27-31)                                                           HHBC
  • Possibility: Spoken word meditation on scripture

3. Jesus is Taken to Golgotha, Calvary and Crucified (Matthew 27:32-35)                                FPC
  • Possibility: __________________________
  • "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross"              FPC Bells

4. Jesus, the King of the Jews  (Matthew 27:36-37)                                              CUCC
  • Possibility: Video

5. Jesus Speaks to the Thieves (Matthew 27:38-44)                                            HUMC
  • Possibility: Liturgical Movement/Dance   Jennifer Hall
  • Scripture Reading 

6.  Jesus Dies on the Cross (Matthew 27:45-54)      
  • Possibility: Screen Drawing  Peggy Horner
  • "Were You There?"   David Zeng, Trumpet                                              

7. Women Mourn at the Cross  (Matthew 27:55-56)                                           FCC   
  • Kyrie Eleison (poem)                            Lisa CR
  • Piano Music                                          Brent Reed

8. Jesus is Buried in a Borrowed Tomb (Matthew 27:57-61)                              HHBC                      
  • Possibility:   Video
  • Piano Music                                         Brent Reed

Congregational Song                                                          Brent Reed

"How Deep the Father's Love for Me"         

Benediction                                                                          Ken Weidinger

Postlude                                                                               Jim Barton, organist

Lights, candles and atmosphereBrighton Center (Lauren) and FCC (Mark CR)